1. Bullet  Sharing with others

  2. Bullet  Not interrupting

  3. Bullet  Helping others

  4. Bullet  Knowing how to enter a conversation

  5. Bullet  Initiating relationships and social interactions

  6. Bullet  Knowing when it is the appropriate time to respond in a conversation

  7. Bullet  Requesting help from others

  8. Bullet  Having the ability to deal with frustration

  9. Bullet  Giving complements

  10. Bullet  Being able to take turns

  11. Bullet  Saying please and thank you

  12. Bullet  Good sportsmanship

  13. Bullet  Paying attention to what others are saying and doing

  14. Bullet  Having the ability to deal with conflict appropriately

  15. Bullet  Following the flow of a conversation

  16. Bullet  Having anger management skills

  17. Bullet  Identifying the major theme of a conversation

  18. Bullet  Having social problem solving skills

  19. Bullet  Having a sense of humor

  20. Bullet  Having empathy for others

  21. Bullet  Using good body language

  22. Bullet  Using good voice tone and intonation

  23. Bullet  Being able to read body language and facial expressions

  24. Bullet  Being able to understand social context

Friendship Checklist

Friendship Checklist

  1. Johnny has developed a checklist of skills      that are helpful for building good friendships.  Take a look and see how you measure up. 

  2. Do you have these skills?