Friendship Suggestion Board


Jojo: I think a great way to make friends it finding out if you have the same interests.  I made friends who like reading the same kind of books as me like Harry Potter.  We talk about the books and we went to see the last movie together. 

Daryl: I think kids like when I’m funny and tell jokes.  But not too many jokes.  Just enough but not too many.  Some kids try and joke all the time. It can be too much and it gets annoying. 

Jamie: Kids like when you’re a good listener and don’t interrupt too much.  I use to interrupt a lot and kids got annoyed with me.  But now that I listen better I have lots more friends. 

Scott: Don’t go around telling kids you want to be friends with that you’re better than them at stuff.  That is so annoying.  You might think they will think you’re cool if you are really good at things, but it’s just annoying when people brag.  It actually makes you like them less not more.

Here is where you get to offer your own ideas, suggestions and tricks that are helpful for making and keeping friends.  If you would like your tips to be posted for others to read click on the “Post my tips” link and send your ideas in.