How to Solve Social Mysteries


This is where you can get help solving your own social mysteries, and help others to solve their mysteries. 

Below is a short version of Johnny’s tricks for solving social mysteries.  You can use these to help you find solutions to the mysteries you might find on the Mystery Wall page, as well as with mysteries you might come across in your everyday lives.  These tricks can also help you when writing up your own social mysteries to post here for others to help you with.  For those posting their own mysteries, you will find the “gathering the facts” section particularly useful in thinking about what kind of information you should include when presenting your own personal mystery for others to try and solve.

Note: For a more in depth version of Johnny’s tools for solving social mysteries along with his helpful worksheets as strategies check out the book Diary of a Social Detective

Below you will also find the guidelines for submitting your mysteries and responses to other people’s mysteries.  After you have read through the procedure checklist and guidelines, you can get started. Check out the social mystery page to see mysteries others have sent in.  If there is a mystery you would like to respond to, click the “respond” button at the end of the mystery.  If you would like to submit your own mystery, click the “post my mystery” link at the top of the page. 

When posting mysteries, you can post something that is happening with you or something you might be seeing happening to a friend or kid you know.  You can even post mysteries you have made up and think could be interesting for other social detectives to take a crack at.  Just be sure to let others know if it is you or someone else or a made-up mystery that you are posting.